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Implemented Blocks for xenPorta


Staff member
As per paid request and further shared with the community, I've created 2 xenPorta Blocks which allow you to add Pick Distribution and Leaderboard to a layout.

The members that paid for this functionality wish to remain anonymous, however, feel free to give them thanks in this thread if you use these.

Both blocks are configured to allow different types of usage based on your sites needs.

Note: Regardless of xenPorta usergroup "view" block settings, these Blocks will only display to user groups that you set the Pickem User Permissions "View Pickem" to allow.

PickemPickDistribution: By default, this block will display the Pick Distribution of the current week for the viewing user's default pool (the pool they have as the default view). Only members participating in a Pool will see this block when configured this way.

There is an optional block setting that allows you to add in a specific Pool ID for the Block. When you do this, anyone that has the [Pickem User Permissions] "View Pickem" usergroup permission will be able to see the block and the block will display the Pick Distribution for the specified Pool for the current week.

PickemLeaderboard: Has the same functionality as above in regards to "viewing user" vs Pool ID. However, this one also has a "limit" option to limit the max number of results to display (as there are Pools with 1000s of players and you might only want a top 10 list). The display is Tabbed to show the OVERALL standings as well as a Tab for the Current Weeks Standings.
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