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Automatic Discussion Topic ... deleted


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Let's say you've had a hard day at work, the kids have given you the shites at bedtime, and you've yet to have an evening coffee ( all hypothetically, of course ;) ) and you stupidly delete the thread that was auto created by Sportsbook when the event was created.

Now when you look at Sportsbook;
it still has the discussion tab despite the thread having been deleted
you click on the tab and you get a 404
(suggest it checks if the thread id exists, or hook in to delete and action in sportsbook if a match)

.... then you manually edit the sportsbook event and remove the thread id, so it solves the issue with the discussion tab.

But now you want to auto create it again ... there doesn't seem a method to do this, short of deleting teh event and starting again :(

<rant over> ... but I still need coffee :)
update xf_nflj_sportsbook_event set event_status = 'pending' where event_id = 36;

lol.. ya, setting it to pending will indeed recreate a NEW discussion thread, that is highly NOT recommended however.

You can always associate a new (or existing) discussion thread by editing the event and add the ID of that new/existing thread to the event.