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Resolved Auto set picks

Discussion in 'Pickem Support' started by hIBEES, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. hIBEES

    hIBEES Member AMS Pickem


    Having read the other thread on this I am not sure how mines are not setting away team picks for users who missed week 1 (that being 3 users)

    I started WEEK 1 it in june so with alert date as 2022-07-28 so it would have sent out the reminder 48 and 24 hours before then.

    But auto away were not set for those users.

    Attached are the settings, just wondering why its not done it!


    Attached Files:

  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    What version of Pickem? The Latest version does not send out alerts 48 hours before and 24 hours before anymore, that has changed. It now sends out the first alert on the alert date and a 2nd alerts 24 hours AFTER the Alert Date.

    This thread explains the changes: Updated - Weekly Reminders and Auto Picks

    My Guess is that the games/matches had already started prior to the 2nd alert being sent out to those 3 players, which is why no auto picks were set.
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  3. hIBEES

    hIBEES Member AMS Pickem

    Version 2.2.2

    Ah must have just missed that thread.


    If my Alert Date was 28th and Game was 31th then if should have been OK...

    However you are correct. I originally had the date as the 30th which would have been under 48 hours. As I realised our crap league changed game to Sundays lol and had to change the date to the 31st.

    I will go edit this week's now I've read the thread. Thank you. No biggy was just wondering.
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  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Yes :) Rule of thumb, Alert Date = the date that the 1st alert is now sent out. The 2nd alert will be sent out 24-48 hours after the actual date that the first alert was sent to the specific user, so you want to make sure that you set the alert date at least 48 hours before kick off of the first match. Hope that makes sense? Let me know next week if all went well.
  5. hIBEES

    hIBEES Member AMS Pickem

    Perfect Sense, thank you.

    Yip. My alert will go out on a Monday so the 2nd alert would be Wed/Thur at the latest.

    Think I'm too late to change the for alert this week's. My alert is set for Today so the 2nd one may be Fri/Saturday. Games are on Saturday 3pm

    My week 3 though is the Monday. So pkenty time and I will monitor it by myself not picking on purpose

    Is it possible to add manually in phpadmin the users that missed week 1?

    I think that would be complicated and complex though. I would need the game ids user ids week ids etc would I not.
  6. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I do not recommend manipulating the Database in any way shape or form unless you are a professional DBA (Database Administrator) or professional Developer.

    With that said, IF you KNOW what you are doing, it is possible, however, its not SIMPLE and would be very easy to screw things up, not only for the players, but the entire week. There would need to be a combination of adding new records to tables as well as editing fields, in records, in other tables (not going to explain all of that as support does not cover that sort of thing). Hope you understand.
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  7. hIBEES

    hIBEES Member AMS Pickem

    I'm not touching it then lol :)

    Thank you. I will just say auto picks were not on and they should have been more active lol.

    I remind them with a Notice as well, what more do the want.

    Thank you again Bob.
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  8. hIBEES

    hIBEES Member AMS Pickem

    Works perfectly with the new setting of my the Alert Date.

    On purpose I did not pick this week and 2 days ago I got the reminder. Then today my picks are now away teams.

    Perfect now Bob. Thank you for explaining so well.
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  9. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    You are welcome!
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