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Resolved Issue with auto picks


A more pressing issue is that nobody in any of the comps seems to have been given away teams as picks for failing to enter their picks. The "Allow set auto picks" option is selected:


What do we do there? Why do you think this might have happened?
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How do we edit the pickem cron entry to make it hourly instead of once a day? If once a day that is not the default I suspect in the past someone has edited it to test or take some sort of load off the server.
Cron entries is an XF administrative function. The editing of any cron entry is the same. There is plenty of information on cron entries management posted at XenForo.com, to include information on how to disable an existing cron entry so that you can create you own cron entry that replicates the cron entry you've disabled (either a core cron entry or addon cron entry). The reason for doing that is that each update of either Core XF or an Addon, would reset the cron entry you modified, back to what it is supposed to be set to via Core XF or the Addon, so by creating your own, it would be uneffected by any updates (as its not associated to either Core XF or a specific addon).

To Edit Cron Entries (which is a development feature), you have to put your site into Development Mode). The setting interface is the same for all cron entries (there isn't some special interface just for Pickem, it uses the Core XF cron settings interface).
but the options are disabled.
you have to put your site into Development Mode
You can only edit CRON when the site is in Development Mode, otherwise, the options that you want to change are disabled (which is why I explained that you have to put your site into Development Mode).

You also need the admin permission 'Manage cron entries'.

You need BOTH of those, not one or the other.... BOTH.