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Another Help Question


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Im sorry to be such a pain. As I get further along I run into more things.

I am using xenporta and I have been able to get promoted showcases block to work properly however I cannot get the recent showcase block to work. I have posted screenshots for your review. Could you please advise1.png2.png


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Edit the block, make sure the category is selected (actually click on it) and save the block again (this will clear cache).
not sure what the heck would cause it then. IF that category is NOT selected (which it LOOKS like it is NOT in the screen shot), then no items will be queried. That is why I asked you to EDIT it AGAIN, click on the category and save (AGAIN).

Next step is giving me access to your DB so that I can verify that the category values are being set in the XenPorta tables (you asked about other lingering issues because of permissions, this could be one of them).

There is nothing wrong with the block itself (it hasn't change in 2 years). If there was a problem with the block itself, it would be a problem for everyone, so it comes down to 2 things. either the category is NOT selected (makes the most sense) or there are some lingering permissions issues still from when you moved things around yesterday.