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Survivor help


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Bob is it possible you can help me? Im trying to run a test for a Survivor in pickems. I have followed your instructions in setting it up and the pool says its open but I cannot join it.

I setup the standard game fine. I removed that and now want to test the survivor. I have entered two games for this Saturday but it will not let me select them.

I can provide a url if that helps?
Just to update. I clicked the allow join pool late button and it then allowed me to join as the button showed up. This was my settings.

I clicked the allow join pool late button
That tells me that there was some kind of GAME activity (maybe testing) that was performed before you attempted to join the pool. That locks out any new joins (unless you enabled the Join Pool Late feature).

I always just enabled the join pool late feature for Survivor, then I disable it after week 2 (which is plenty of time to for stragglers to join).
Thanks Bob ill run it like that from here on in. Just one further question if I may? Im currently using Premier League teams (English league)

When a member has selected a team to win is that team removed from his options next time of picking?