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Add article screen template help


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Just getting back into using XF, so these questions were probably asked a bunch of times.

Is there an option to ALWAYS have the cover image above the article, so users don't need to check this each time?

Same thing with display about author- would like that always unchecked, and comments always checked.


How can I always have full quotes displayed instead of using the "open" button?

Is it possible to hide all of those optional fields, and then insert additional source url fields?

And then, is it possible to display the source url domain, instead of the name?

Sorta like the image below.

These little changes would save our writers tons of time and help us get stories out faster.


Solved the first one by writing true/false as needed.

Second, not sure.

Third, I was able to comment the not-needed fields out with xf:comment, but I still help figuring out how to just display the root domain of the source and show a few extra source fields. It's kinda tedious to constantly type out a site name when you have multiple sources, and the site name is generally the domain name anyway. If I can piece this together somehow, that would be perfect.

My goal is for my members to get articles up as fast and efficient as possible, while removing all the optional things and prechecking the things we do need.
Second, not sure.
That is handled by Core XF (the quote bbcode). I do recall the same question being asked before at xf.com, so you might want to do a bit of searching there. It applies globally to any content that uses the editor to render bbcode (Posts, Conversations, Profile Posts, Comments, etc).

The Description field is optional, so you can edit the add and edit article templates and remove that input if it bothers you that much. The META description (which is for SEO purposes) has been moved to a collapsed tab (below the Post a poll tab), that when expanded, display SEO options (which currently there is only 1... meta description). You can also safely move that after the next update.

As for the Original Source... it was a PAID feature (funded by @alfa1 ) that is included with AMS instead of a separate addon (so everyone could use it). You'd need to talk with @alfa1 about making any changes to it as it's his feature. Of course, you can modify it yourself (if you know what you are doing as it would require modification to php files to do what you are wanting to do). @alfa1 is really easy to talk to and I am sure he'd be open to suggestions.
Hey @alfa1 could you help me add a few extra original source fields? Some of our articles have 2-4 sources, so a few extra fields for that is really helpful.