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Not Planned Article readability score and article quality score


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This suggestion may require some brainstorming. The objective is to qualify articles that have been posted and that are being posted. And to identify bad quality articles.
We want quality text to be posted, but not garbage. And once posted we want to be able to identify those in order to delete or improve those.

Readability score is a metric that can be used to identify text quality that has existed for a long time and is used by some platforms. Its a basic metric.
It could be displayed as a stoplight color from green to orange to read. Readability: Bad, Poor, Medium, Good, Excellent
It would be nice to display this in the edit article page.

As we now have AI tools available and XF has API and webhooks, this offers opportunity to help article writers to create better articles and to identify low quality articles. Example:

Some things that would be interesting to me are:
  • Help authors improve readability by showing a readability score.
  • Identify articles with poor readability.
    We can then decide to delete these or to optimize them.
  • Ask authors and contributors to improve the readability if readability bad or poor.
Or even more advanced:
  • Improve articles with AI.
  • Suggest keywords to use.
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Unfortunately, this is a PAID API (and a very expensive one at that).

I don't feel comfortable adding such an expensive API as a core feature, so I've marked this as "Not planned" (at least for now).

btw, with XF developing a new RTE, something like this should wait until after that is released as editor integration will drastically change with the new editor.