wiki management system

  1. Alpha1

    Not Planned Article readability score and article quality score

    This suggestion may require some brainstorming. The objective is to qualify articles that have been posted and that are being posted. And to identify bad quality articles. We want quality text to be posted, but not garbage. And once posted we want to be able to identify those in order to delete...
  2. Alpha1

    Not Planned Display article contributions (edits) on profile and members page

    As multiple co-authors & contributors can edit an article and there can be many edits to an article, it would make sense to display article edits. On members page it would be nice to display the members with the most article edits. This will highlight the main article contributors for articles.
  3. Alpha1

    Not Planned Watch article for (major) edits.

    As multiple users can edit an article, then it would be very useful to be able to WATCH the article for edits. This would be useful to users interested in the topic. But its also useful for the co-authors to be alerted that the article has changed. It would make sense to always alert co-authors...
  4. Alpha1

    Implemented Rollback/revert to previous edit version

    We can view and compare edits / versions in article history. :) It would be useful if we could rollback to a previous version to deal with vandalism or (link) spamming. How this could work is to display a REVERT link next to the VIEW link on the overview of edit history. When that is clicked...