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1.1.1 Strange things a happening...


New Member
Hi there :)

I just updated to 1.1.1 and the "grid" layout, but if I try to click on an item, it doesn't open.


This happens in the default theme also, so it's not theme related I don't think.

Just seems to be no way into the actual items. :S

Help would be appreciated!

Thanks :)
I just took a look. Its not picking up the showcase route correctly. None of the item links on any of the templates work. Are you using Jakes route changer? it's missing the main route 'showcase'
How are you getting it to show up as the landing page? Maybe what ever you did to do that is effecting it. Its not an issue with Jakes route changer as a lot of people are using it just fine. Its definately a "route" issue tho as the URLS are not forming properly (which means its not picking up the link builder within the showcase index route file)