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[AMS 1.x for XF1] Making AMS the Homepage


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Just a quick question that is probably obvious, but can't seem to find the info from Google or search. I am thinking about trying out having AMS being the portal to my community to see if that helps the uptick by putting the content first. How can I make this happen? I searched through the settings and I can't seem to locate options for this, but I know it can be done...right?

Also, by doing this, do I need any kind of 301 redirects or anything? I feel like it's worth a shot to see if this would help bring in eyes and maybe some new accounts. I only see the CTA integration, but I don't know what that is other than some portal addon. Any info and feedback on making this kind of change would be grateful as well. I want to try to improve things so I am open to any insight. TIA!
Its a Core XenForo setting (Index Page Route) located under the 'Basic Board Information" options.

You can do this with ANY addon (XFRM, XFMG, Showcase, AMS, Sportsbook etc). All you do is add the main route for the addon. For AMS, its ams/ (just like I have set in the screen shot).


You'll then want to go to AMS Options >> General Options and set the AMS Nav Tab to the HOME position (so that its before the Forum Tab).

Then type in the URL to your site and the Home Index will now be AMS Home. The only other thing you should probably do is change the Articles Tab phrase to "Home" as it looks wierd to have Articles as the top level breadcrumb for everything (which is just how XenForo works).

Here you can see AMS as the home page.


Here you can see that article URLs are the same, so you don't need to do any funky redirects.

Thanks for the detailed reply! I managed all of the changes in about 2 minutes flat. Now I will make the tweaks and see how things go from here. I am hoping it will make a change in how people see the site on the first visit. I will report back the results after some time to gather the info needed. If anyone else has made the change and saw results please share them if you don't mind.

Thank you Bob for the fastest support I have seen in the last 3 years of any addon.
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I might give it a go. I am starting from scratch here on this idea so I want to try stuff that will bring in eyes a bit more. I have no idea if the traditional layout like WordPress is the best or if a modular approach is. This will be a big trial run for me and I am only doing this to try out a few ideas I was reading about on xF's Forum Management section this morning. I figured after almost 4 years of the same thing it can't hurt to give something different a try.
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