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Customization Questions


I'm working on the finishing touches of my showcase install, and I'm stumped on two things. Hopefully someone can help.

1. I really want to move the sidebar on showcase item pages to the left side. I found out how to change it everywhere on my site to the left side, but I only want to do it on showcase pages. Any idea on how I might do that?

2. I am inserting images into the content of the main tab to pretty up the page a bit. It works and looks great. I've been using images that are already attached to the showcase item by just grabbing the image URL and inserting it using the enhanced image insert that comes with Cedric's Advanced BB Code Toolbar. It's basically the same as a regular image insert, but it lets you float text and make it into a thumbnail which can be clicked for full size. When I click on one of those images, it opens the image viewer and shows all images inserted in the item as well as those attached. The problem I'm having, is that if I take a photo that is attached AND insert it, it shows up twice. Any way to solve that?

Any pointers would be much appreciated.
1. I use core xenforo sidebar ie <xen:sidebar> sidebar stuff </xen:sidebar> Everything that controls the location of that sidebar is dictated by your style and core xenforo. You'd have to use a different page container if you wanted to keep the core xenforo sidebar on the right side and have it on the left elsewhere as the page container template drives that. You'd be looking at a lot of work and I don't have the time to walk you through this one step by step.

2. Have no idea. Neither function is anything in showcase. One is core xenforo, the other is someone elses addon.