showcase 3.2.16

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    Fixed Typo in ItemUpdate Job

    Upgraded from XF 1.5 to the latest XF + SC and ItemUpdate.php references a 'xf_xa_sc_item_item_update' table which I dont have causing Showcase: Rebuild item updates to fail. I do have xf_xa_sc_item_update table.
  2. Bob

    Implemented Advertising positions: Showcase Item view: Above and Below sections content

    As per title, I've added a couple advertising positions designed to target the areas immediately above and below "Sections" content on the Overview page and on individual sections pages when configured to display sections as tabs. Not going to explain HOW to create ads and or how to use...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Latest updates

    As per title, I've added a "Latest updates" feature to Showcase. I've updated the Showcase Main Navigation to add a "Latest content" navigation link (which is a dropdown that contains 2 sub links "Latest reviews" and "Latest Updates"). Note: The Latest content dropdown is also a link that will...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Replies for Item Updates

    As per title, I've implemented "Replies" for Item Updates. This is a permissions based feature (most of which piggyback off of existing item permissions, however, there are several NEW permissions added in SC 3.2.16 pertaining to both Updates and Update Replies). As you can see, I've added 7...
  5. Bob

    Updated Daily statistics: Showcase items - added 8 new stats

    As per title, I've added 8 new stats types for use with Daily statistics. Note: You will need to run the stats cache rebuild in order for the system to pick up data for all the new stat types).
  6. Bob

    Implemented Activity summary definition - Showcase: Latest updates

    As per title, I've implemented an Activity summary definition for updates titled "Showcase: Latest updates". This definition is for creating Activity summary section(s) pertaining to Showcase Item Updates. Note: You will need to create Activity Summary Section(s) via Admin CP >> Communication...
  7. Bob

    Updated Batch update items

    I've updated the "Batch update items" feature with a couple of additional searcher criteria: This one allows you to set min/max counts pertaining to the new Item Updates (so you can find items with 0 updates or items between 1-3 updates etc etc etc (works like all the other "between" count...
  8. Bob

    Updated Rebuild Caches through CLI

    I've updated the rebuild caches through CLI for Showcase (2 new additions, Categories and Updates). Note: the CLI for rebuilding Categories has also been added for AMS, CAS, IMS, LD, RMS and UBS.
  9. Bob

    Implemented Category Options: Automatically post new review|update notice in thread

    As per title, I've added 2 new Category options designed to auto post notices in the associated thread when a new review or new item update is added to the item that the thread is associated with. Those of you that use CAS, IMS and RMS are already familiar with how this works. Note: The upgrade...
  10. Bob

    Implemented Widget Definition: Showcase Latest Updates

    I've implemented a new Widget Definition titled "Showcase: Latest updates". This will be included in the SC 3.2.16 release. The "Showcase: Latest updates" widget definition has basically the same types of configuration settings as the Latest Reviews and Latest Comments (as shown below)...