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Implemented Replies for Item Updates


Staff member
As per title, I've implemented "Replies" for Item Updates.

This is a permissions based feature (most of which piggyback off of existing item permissions, however, there are several NEW permissions added in SC 3.2.16 pertaining to both Updates and Update Replies).

As you can see, I've added 7 new permissions that allow you to control who can view item updates, who can view item update attachments, who can react to item updates|replies, who can reply to item updates, who can edit replies, who can delete replies and time limit for doing so.

Note: All moderator related permissions piggyback of of Item Permission (as updates are an extension to an item, unlike comments and ratings).


Replies are Replies (not much to explain). They work the same as replies on Reviews (and the same as all the replies systems in all my other addons) .

In this screen shot, you can see some replies to an Update.


In this shot, you can see that Replies use the Core XF RTE (Rich Text Editor).

Note: I didn't implement an attachment handler for replies (and have no plans to do so).

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