showcase 2.9.0

  1. Bob

    Announcement XF1 Development has stopped, Development focus is on XF2

    Just a heads up that as of now, all XF1 development has stopped and I will be focusing on XF2 development only. I will continue to fix critical bugs for XF1 addons and if time permits, will make minor tweaks, but no new features will be added and no enhancements will be made. Please continue...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Refine by (filtering by custom fields)

    SC 2.9.0 has Filtering (called Refine by) of Custom Item Fields. Its a system that I developed for RMS (Review Management System) that replaces Advanced Field Search (which was always designed as a temporary system). The Refine by system works similar to how sites like Amazon and TripAdvisor...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Reassign User Review

    This has been implemented. (no inline moderation controls however, just individual reassign). There is a Showcase Moderator Permission 'Reassign Review" that is required in order to see the "reassign" link in the private controls on a given review.
  4. Bob

    Implemented Convert Post to Review

    As per title, you can now convert a Post to a Review that is within an associated discussion thread. When viewing a discussion thread that is associated with a showcase item and that showcase item is in a category that allows reviews, moderators with the Forum Moderator Permissions: permission...
  5. Bob

    Implemented Reply to Reviews

    As per title, I've replaced the XFRM style "Author Reply" feature with the ability to post replies to reviews just like you can post replies to comments. Same exact feature set as Comment Replies.
  6. cdub

    Implemented Permission to allow all users to Reply to a Review

    Currently only the Showcase Item owner can reply to a review. I'd be great to have the a permission that would allow any user to reply to a review. Thanks @Bob! Awesome work as always!
  7. DerTobi75

    Implemented Google Maps API integration for Showcase Items (Category Pages)

    Hi, will there be also a embedet Google Map for Category Pages, ie. show all items on a map from a certain category? Best regards. Tobi
  8. C

    Implemented Filter items based on custom fields

    I'm not sure how best to explain this, but I will use my Showcase as an example. I was asked to find a way to make a Pet Registry for our POA. The idea, lost pets could be reunited to their owners quicker if photos and decriptions were provided. As I implement this solution, I thought it...