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Not Planned [XF1] Menu Items


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Having the ability to have different Categories displayed as different Menu Items.

I really like this addon and would love to use for 3 different things that I would not like to see all jumbled up together.

So the ability to separate categories into different menus would be great, like having 3 copies of the script installed? Too much to ask?

Thanks :)
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Have you tried to use Jakes addon "Nodes as Tabs" ? Pretty sure you can use that addon to do what you want to do .. ie, create a tab and point it to a specific showcase category.
I tried that already, but it still mixes the items of all categories together. The 3 things I want to combine are to some extent not that related so separating them would be ideal.
edit the category template and remove the "categories" sidebar block.
Many thanks Bob, I will have a play with that and see what I can achieve. Haven't had much time lately to play with this addon! :| just installing the update now!