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Not Planned [XF1] List View: Change Look


New Member
We've ended up using the list view as the standard for our showcase home page which is great.

It just occurred to me that it might benefit from the ability to change a few options. Specifically to have the ability to have a larger image (say 100x100?) and also add more lines of text.
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The List View layout is based on the Core XF List View layout in the RM. I won't be changing this as to maintain a standard between several addons that use the XF Standard List View Layout/CSS.

You MAY be interested in one of the NEW layouts that will be available with SC 2.3.0.

here is a sneak peek of the "Article View" layout (which is good for Items that have A LOT of TEXT to display)

wow.. wth is going on with SC... it is becoming so awesome.... i can't wait to grab the SC 2.3 . Just finish the multi instance feature and give us already...

I would be very interested in seeing other layouts as well.... if you are so kind to give us a peek..