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XF 2.0 Sportsbook.


Does this work on the new Xenforo 2.0
And/Or is there planned support for this once the official support XF 2.0 comes?


While asking the question about Sportsbook, thought I'd also inquire about Stock Trader and Showcase, although Sportsbook is my #1 concern.
Does this work on the new Xenforo 2.0
No. XenForo 1.x addons will not work with XenForo 2.x. XenForo developers have been explaining this to license holders for several years now. All addons require a complete re-write as its a completely different framework. If you have a dependancy on XF1 addons, you'll either have to wait on them before upgrading or upgrade and wait until they are available.

As for XenForo 2.x versions of my addons, you can read this announcement thread: XenForo 2.0 Information
Hey Bob,

I know the question has been asked in various forms but I can't recall which thread I read about this. I'm not meaning to press, but I do have a few members asking if we'll be able to offer the Sportsbook for XF2 by the time the football season comes around.

I gave them your answer, "the developer doesn't have a solid release date." It's understandable to me but not to some (such is life, right?)

I'll tell ya this...I've missed playing around with it since we upgraded to XF2. In fact, may have waited a bit for this add-on alone. Hindsight...
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I upgraded my NFL site to XF2 a few weeks ago, that should tell you everything you need to know as there is NO WAY IN HELL that I would do that if Pickem and Sportsbook would not be ready for the 2018 NFL season lol :)
I'm really leaning more and more to your "Survivor" for the fall for football...most definitely college basketball!
Survivor is now integrated into Pickem as one of the 4 pool types. The stand alone addon will not be developed for XF2. Makes no sense to have them as separate addons when one set of administrative tools can control both. The only reason they were separate addons is that Survivor was a custom addon developed for someone else and they couldn't afford to pay for it, so I let others purchase licences for it since it was already developed lol

As for the link, my site is a private site (paid membership).