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Announcement XenForo 2.0 Information

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As most of you are aware, the XenForo Developers have been working their butts off creating a new version of our favorite forum software... XenForo 2.0. They are currently working with developers via "Developers Preview" releases which allow developers like myself time to not only learn the system, but help them find bugs and tweaks things prior to moving into the next phase (beta).

Here are the 3 most asked questions I get.

Will you be creating an XF2 version of "[ADDON X]"?

Yes. I've mentioned this dozens of times (even updated the FAQs on all my resources). I will be developing XF 2 versions for most of my public addons as well as several of my private and custom addons. Here is a list of the public (and a few private) addons I get asked about the most. These will all be developed for XF2.
  • Article Management System 2.0 (released)
  • Showcase 3.0 (released)
  • Sportsbook 2.0 (released)
  • Pickem 2.0 (released)
  • Power Rankings 2.0 (in Development)
NOTE: Survivor will not be developed as a stand alone addon for XF2. Instead, Pickem 2.0 has been enhanced with a new Pool Type called "Survivor" (which works the same as the Survivor Addon Pools). Survivor 1.x license holders that do not have a pickem license will have their Survivor license converted to a Pickem License.

Will there be an upgrade fee to upgrade from XF1 version to XF2 version of "[ADDON X]"?

No, there will NOT be an upgrade FEE. Access to specific versions of an addon are determined by your current support/downloads status. If its active, you will be able to download what ever versions are available during that period. If your support/downloads has expired before I release any xf2 versions, you will need to purchase a 1 year support/downloads extension. This is exactly how XenForo does it and how I've done it since I started.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those of you with a XF1 lifetime support license, if you want access to XF2 versions of a particular addon, you will need to purchase a 1 year support/downloads extension as the special XF1 lifetime support agreement only applies to XF1 versions of the particular addon.

When will XF2 versions be available?

You should know by now that I can't answer that question. I can tell you tho that these LARGE SCALE addons take A LOT of time to develop and test. I also have A LOT of them to develop, so they all won't come out at the same time!

As for Beta testing, those with Premium license will have access to Beta versions.

ANNOUNCEMENTS will be posted and EMAILS will be sent out when there is something to announce for a particular addon.
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