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Will XenAddons addons components be widgetized for XF2 ?

3rd angle

I'd already upgraded to XF2 and looking forward to installing SC on my site.

I just wanted to check if each components (blocks) of your addons will be available in the form of widgets so that we can place them in our custom pages not just inside SC.


  • I want to place Showcase Items widget (from a specific category) in a custom page as widget.
  • Similarly, i want "Most Recent Comments" in another custom page
  • and so on.

Looking forward to XF2 update. (y)
I've added several Widget positions to XF2 addons. A widget position is a location that you can place a widget via the XenForo Widgets system. Example, Showcase Home page has a Widget Position in the Navigation Sidebar. This allows you to add any widget that is in the XF Widget system to the Showcase Home page sidebar.

I've added several Widget definitions to XF2 addons. Widget definitions are what you can use to create a Widgets. Example, there is a Widget Definition titled "Showcase: Latest Comments" that you can use to create "Latest Comments" widgets for Showcase. Showcase comes with several Widget Definitions. You can also have your own Widget Definitions developed for you.

I also include adding some widgets by default (just like XFRM and XFMG do). Example, in the above paragraph, I mentioned the Showcase Latest Comments Widget definition. I use that definition to add a Recent Comments Widget to the Showcase Home Page (its no longer controlled by Showcase Options, its controlled by the Widget Definition and the Widget Settings.

I'll be posting more details on this when I start posting threads about Showcase 3.0.