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What Is On the Horizon for XenAddons and XF 2.0?


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Bob, you have been incredible at putting out addons that in my opinion are above and beyond in quality. You are always furthering them and pushing updates all of the time. Plus you are very quick at answering any posts. All of this makes me wonder if you have enough to manage and don't have plans to support more addons beyond what is available.

What's next? If I can understand your mindset by comparing your passion and output, we might be similar (ADHD). If this is the case, you probably are not satisfied yet, and looking for that next big addon to develop. Are we seeing the footprint finished with the addition of AMS, or is there something else that is rolling around in background? I just want to see if you have goals or a way forward that you might be willing to share. If not then I would understand that as well.

I didn't see anything like this asked in the forum and hopefully you don't mind the ask.
What Is On the Horizon?

XF 2.0 is what is on the horizon and that is going to take up a SERIOUS amount of time. Im not thinking about anything new right now and won't until after all my addons are re written for XF 2.0 and all my custom addons for clients are re written for XF 2.0.

I have a waiting list over a year out right now for clients that want large scale custom addons developed. I am not short for custom work lol