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Implemented Widget Positions for Article View and Article Page View (above and below article container)


Staff member
tonmo said:
I'd like to have Widget Positions created for Article pages themselves. I don't want to use the the two Advertising spots (i.e., AMS Article view: Above article content & below), since I'm using Andy's Ad Manager add-on which leverages widgets (and I am having CLS issues on mobile ONLY with the Advertising spots, but not Widgets).

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I've added 2 widget positions to the 'xa_ams_article_view' and 'xa_ams_article_page_view' templates, in the main content area of an article, above and below the Article Container. Both positions have access to the Article Entity.


These screenshots show the precise location of the new widget positions in the 'xa_ams_article_view' template (same locations in the 'xa_ams_article_page_view' template, just different line numbers)

Note: Of course, you can MOVE these if they are not in the exact precise place on the template that you want them).