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Cannot Reproduce Widget Definition - AMS: Latest articles - Simple carousel - sidebar

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AMS Premium
CAS Premium
LD Premium
SC Premium
UBS Premium
XenForo Version String: XenForo 2.2.8

Addon Version String: 2.2.18 (latest)

Stack Trace: no

Can you reproduce it here? no, this widget is not used here or on demo site

Must be able to reproduce on the Default XenForo Style.

If i use this widget with only 1 entries i think it works well
Capture web_31-3-2022_02941_regionalis.fr.jpeg
If i use more than 1 entries it's a fail, title and excerpt are cut
Capture d’écran 2022-03-31 001907.png
This is not something I can reproduce at the moment. It is working fine on an unedited core XF default style on all my development instances. I'll need to do some deeper troubleshooting.

Is that happening an unedited core XF Default Style or just on one or more of your custom styles?
It's the default style, i edited some templates but nothing relevant i think.
I notice that if i create a new widget it is well displayed but as soon as i refresh the page the problem occurs...
Capture web_31-3-2022_01950_regionalis.fr.jpeg

This is all the addons i use


  • Capture d’écran 2022-03-31 005403.png
    Capture d’écran 2022-03-31 005403.png
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It's the default style, i edited some templates
Then that is NOT an UNEDITED Core XF Default Style! XenForo support (as well as mine) REQUIRES that you have an unedited core xf default style and must be able to reproduce it on that unedited core XF default style. That includes no CSS added to Extra.less. UNEDITED means UNEDITED!

This is all the addons i use
I doubt its an addon conflict, it probably has something to do with some recent tweaks that were made to separate the Full Width Carousel and Simple Carousel LESS/CSS so that customization of either would be a lot simpler as they'd have their own classes.

As I mentioned above, I'll need to do some deeper troubleshooting.
The way the JS works is that it SHOULD be taking the height of the tallest item in the carousel. Looks like that is being overidden somehow by the height of the 1st item in your case, so any item that is taller than the first item, is getting cut off.

I added height:100% !important to the .carousel--amsCarousleSimple.carousel-body and .carousel--amsFeaturedArticlesSimple.carousel-body classes, which SHOULD keep the container now at the height of the tallest item (which is how it was before and how it has always worked).

Keep in mind, how articles are formatted (title length and thumbnail dimensions, number of data elements enabled to display etc), there could be a lot of "white space" on some items, due to those having not as much data to display than others (short titles vs very long titles is one of the worst offenders of this along with tall cover images vs short height cover images, some with author ratings and user ratings, some with custom fields etc etc etc). This is just how its designed. Its not designed to change container height and bounce the entire sidebar up and down.

Anyway... I've added the simple slider on the demo's site Forum Home page with this change so that you could see it in action on another site to see if you can still reproduce it (hoping this will at least fix the cutoff issue).
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