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Which permissions relate to review replies?


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Trying to figure something out. Moderator permissions are as follows:


Users in the moderators group can only delete replies to review and they seem to only hard delete even though they should not have that ability. When they had permission to both soft delete or hard delete, they were never given a choice as to which one they wanted to do.

There is also no option to edit replies to reviews even though I believe the permissions are setup correctly.


Only the AUTHOR can reply to user reviews left on their item. This follows the Core XFRM implementation (which was a specific user suggestion at the time). This is NOT the same as reply's to comments.
I understand and agree with that implementation. The problem is that what if the authors reply is something that needs to be edited by one of our moderators? (replied with something that breaks our rules). Right now, the only option we have is to hard delete it.
Right now, the only option we have is to hard delete it.
ya, that is exactly how it is designed. It was never intended to be something that was "moderated". You can suggest it, but I'd rather implement commenting (for everyone) vs adding moderation to something that is rarely used and only used by the author of the item.
I can understand that, not necessarily agree with it, but I can understand. I guess it's all in the way that it's being used. Personally, I like that the only person that can respond is the author (although it might be nice to allow the reviewer a response to the authors rebuttal). That would be because the way my site is currently setup (the one that is currently pre showcase solution) we constantly have to remove posts from people commenting on other people's reviews as that's not allowed by our rules. Sometimes authors rebuttal's to reviews can get somewhat heated, so it would be nice to be able to edit them instead of outright delete them. I'll post a suggestion.
If I added the ability to comment on user reviews, it would come with permissions to ALLOW commenting on reviews (so you could enable/disable based on your individual needs).