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Implemented Wager limitations per Outcome


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As per the title, an option for the bookie to set a minimum wager amount, a maximum wager amount and the maximum wagers you can place on a given outcome.

This will work in conjunction with the Max Wagers per outcome and Minimum & Maximum wager amounts per outcome set by User Group Permissions (and further fine tuned by Category Permissions)

Here are a few examples...

You are in User Group A. User Group A has a min wager amount of $25, a max wager amount of $1000 and Max wagers per outcome set to 5. The Category that you are viewing is inheriting the default user group permissions.

Bookie creates outcome 1 and doesn't set any wager limits on it. Only your Category Permissions for wager limits will come into play for that specific outcome which means you can place 5 wagers on it with the min wager amount of $25 and Max of $1000.

Bookie creates outcome 2 and places a Min wager of $10. Since your Category permission is higher than the bookies, your Category permission overrides it and you still need to place a min of $25 on the outcome.

Bookie creates outcome 3 and places a Min wager of $100 . Since your Category permission is lower than the bookies, the bookie limit overrides it and you will need to place a min of $100 on the outcome.

Bookie creates outcome 4 and places a Min wager of $5000. Since your Category permission max limit is lower than the bookies minimum, the bookies limit overrides it and you will not be able to place a wager on the outcome.

Bookie creates outcome 5 and places a Min wager of $500 and Max Wagers to 1. Since your Category permission is lower than the bookies, the bookie limit overrides it and you will need to place a min of $500 on the outcome and can only place 1 wager as the bookies wager limit trumps permissions.
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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.

Will there also be a global setting for this? Expanding it to the usergroup level would also be welcome (helps promote/reward paid memberships while still allowing the whole userbase to participate) :)
The scope for this suggestion (and the other related two) have been updated (see the first post of this thread for more information).
Here is a sample of what the Place Wager overlay will look like in the new version. Its not final, so it may look different when released. Also, depending on the wagering status of the viewing user, the content on the overlay will change.. ie, if you can't place a wager, you can still click on the place wager link and the overlay will tell you why you can't place a wager (vs just not displaying a link). This of course is still in development, so it too could change prior to final release.

A couple of things to note. I've replaced the old text input with the proper number input. It works well with both desktop and mobile devices (tested on my Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus). By using the number input, I can take advantage of the min and max attributes to limit the wagers placed to the exact amounts.. ie, in this example, the min wager amount is $50.00, so the min attribute is set to 50 and you can't go any lower. Same thing with the max attribute. If you try and enter in a value above 5000 (the max for this outcome), it will reset to 5000.

Here are a few more screen shots pertaining to the new Outcome Wager Limitations.

This first screen shot is the Outcome Create forum. As you can see, this has changed quite a bit. I've added the spin boxes for the Current Odds inputs as well as added 3 new fields (Max Wagers, Min Wager Amount and Max Wager Amount).

This is the new Edit Outcome overlay.

This screen shot shows the changes made on the main event page. You will see that there is now a link named "View Limits". This will display when a user can not place a wager. They can click on the link to get a more detailed explanation on WHY they can't place a wager.

Here is an example of what they might see when clicking on a "View Limits" link. In this particular case, the individual has already made some wagers and has reached the maximum wagers that they are allowed to.

This is what it will look like when you CAN place a wager. It will also give you any limit information like Max Wagers that you can place and Max Wager Amount that you can stake.

Here is another example of a Wager Limit. In this case, the Bookie set a Minimum Wager of 25K, however, the user group has a MAX wager limitation of 10k, so this individual is not allowed to make a wager on this outcome.