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User Review Limit


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Is there a limitation / permission for the number of user reviews a user can leave on an item? I have a user who is trying to leave 2 reviews for the same item, but they're stating that once they left their first review, there is no link to "rate & review" anymore....
No and it would require quite a bit of modification to the rate_review architecture in order to allow multiple reviews by the same person on a given item. They can edit their review and change the all the content for that review (to include the main rating). This was recently enhanced.
Showcase is a wonderful piece of software, but that's really disappointing. I would not have expected any kind of built in limitation on the number of reviews that can be left for an item, hence why I never asked. Lets say I review a service that I purchased, everything was great, 5 stars for everything. 2 years later, I use the service again, management has changed, staff is no longer trained properly, they damage the item further that they were supposed to fix.

This is not a situation where I want to edit my original review from 2 years ago. I want to post a new one that will appear in the right place chronologically to let people know that the service has changed. Besides, who knows if anyone will look at a 2 year old review just to see if it was edited..
Feel free to suggest it, however, I can already tell you, this wouldn't be something added to the XF 1.x version of Showcase. Its a MAJOR architecture change and that just is NOT happening in a 2nd point release.

The only thing I'd consider adding during a 2nd release is "updated" functionality (so you could edit an older review and "update" it which could change the rate/review date to current OR instead of date change, add "updated" to the sorting type for reviews OR a combo of both). That kind of stuff doesn't require major architecture changes to pull off.

I would not have expected any kind of built in limitation on the number of reviews that can be left for an item,
Its not a "built in limitation", its standard unique architecture. Both the Core XenForo XFRM and XFMG have this same unique rating architecture (which is a common industry standard).
An update review feature would be very useful, especially if it could display the previous rating/review above/below/somewhere but not be factored by the architecture. Basically it'd just make note of how many stars the previous review was given and display it.
Users can EDIT their reviews now, however, it doesn't store HISTORY. Core XenForo does have a History Handler, but its meant for MODERATORS to be able to revert changes made to a SINGLE field (like the message field of a post). Implementing History on a Review would only handle 1 field eg, the Summary field.

Nothing is stopping them from adding text to there edited review saying they changed it from 4 stars to 3 stars.