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Implemented Top Blocks: Fresh Content Cutoff


Staff member
Please consider a setting to only show top commenters who have been active in the last X days.
My site is decennia old and there is no point showing members who have not been around since the wheel was invented.

I implemented this, however, I implemented it a little differently than you suggested (which I feel is a better than going by the users last activity on the site). If you go by uses last activity, then the 200 comments they made in 1999 COUNT if they logged in yesterday after being off the site for 10 years. However, if we go by the actual content dates, those 200 comments made back in 1999 won't count because they are not FRESH content.

This applies to all 3 Top Blocks (Top Contributors, Top User Reviewers and Top Commenters). It didn't make any sense what so ever to do one and not the other 2.

So what I've done is add a "Top Blocks: Fresh Content Cutoff" option that allows you to set the number of days since the content was posted to be considered "Fresh". eg, if you set this to 180, that means that Fresh Content is any content posted in the last 180 days. Anything older than that will not be counted towards the counts for the 3 Top Blocks.

NOTE: It comes default set to 0 which disables the Top Blocks: Fresh Content Cutoff.


Here I've got it set to the past 30 days.


Here I've got it set to the past 7 days.
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