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Cannot Reproduce the request page is unreachable in json

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Ive had a few reports from users getting this error when creating outcomes. I personally have never had this issue on my account and ive created new accounts to try replicate this issue with no success.

The users that have reported this let me access their account to test and i was getting the error creating outcomes.

Also if i try to add an outcome using my account to one of the events these users have created it also gives me the error.


Weirdly the outcome is created if you refresh the page.

What ive tried

Disabling all addons
Multiple browsers
Personally tested effected accounts
Fresh install
No error logs
You are not the only one that has had this error pop up while using XenForo. Just recently, someone posted this:XF 2.0 - "Response Was Not JSON" errors randomly appearing on site....? (same exact generic error as you've reported).

Mike (one of the XF developers) responded to it: XF 2.0 - "Response Was Not JSON" errors randomly appearing on site....?

This sort of error is usually indicative of something outside of XenForo manipulating the result content. Browser extensions are certainly one potential cause.

As Mike indicated, its something outside of XenForo (or Sportsbook). Its either a Browser issue (most likely caused by an extension or plugin) or could even be an OS issue.

I've marked this are "Cannot Reproduce" as I've not been able to reproduce it, however, I will leave this open in case anyone else has ever run across the error (even if not in the same place as you've seen it).
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