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Implemented Table vs. Divs on SportsBook event page


This might be nitpicking, and something brought over from vbookie, and maybe you've already addressed this with your larger plans going forward.

It looks like on the main "sportsbook" page/route, that the list of events is using the "sportsBookContent" div container, which looks nice, and I don't have a problem with.

But the individual event page, that lists the outcomes for the event, uses a table (class="dataTable") and I don't think the table headers' color markup is quite right.

Wasn't sure if you were planning to convert that page to table-less HTML in the future (maybe using sportsBookContent), or if I should just fix it with EXTRA.css?

This only seems to appear on darker themes (Flexile), and maybe it just requires a color swatch change, but the normal sportsBookContent div looks fine.

This is what I'm using to fix the table header text color.
.dataTable tr.dataRow th {color: rgb(252, 252, 252) !important}
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Its not being nitpicky. Most of this stuff I wrote 2 years ago when xenforo was still in BETA lol I've learned A LOT since then. I've already started in on the rebuild (which is going to take a few months). Most (if not all) the CSS will be redone as will a lot of the templates (both for obvious reasons). I plan on NOT using the core xenforo table CSS.
I plan on NOT using the core xenforo table CSS.
That sounds dangerous IMHO... as Xenforo classes should be used completely for the default layout. An add-on should only 'add' their own classes relevant to specific template styling to suit their add-ons layout. Default is exactly what should be used as much as possible, to keep layout and styling easy.

Nothing worse than getting an add-on who's done their own thing, hard coded bits and pieces, and when installed on anything by default, it doesn't inherit based on default class styling.
I am converting from using Tables w/default core xf CSS to using Divs w/default core xf CSS in a few places. Was just informing Dave that I am not going to use tables anymore as there are too many 3rd party style developers that continue to miss converting the core xf table css for their styles. There are only a couple places in core XF and 1 in the Resource Manager that use the core xf Table CSS anyway, (which is probably why its missed).
Pretty much every template in the entire system has been rebuilt from scratch with new CSS. Its been an interesting (much needed) rebuild. I haven't gone "too" crazy tho as I suspect Kier is going to hit us with a revamped style system that includes responsive design built in. You should be able to style through EXTRA.css much better (and easier) now.