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Survivor elimination


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Not sure if I have an issue with a survivor pickems pool. One of the guys is adamant someone should of been eliminated this week.

I have entered the results as usual and its showing as zero eliminations. After inserting the results from last week I also set up next weeks.

Do i need to wait for the job to run before starting next week?

Can I check who picked what teams?
I have entered the results as usual and its showing as zero eliminations.
Eliminations DO NOT happen right away. That is a very resource intensive process that is deferred to a back ground process that runs every 30 minutes or so. When you score the games, the display will show RED (for wrong) right away, but it won't process the strikes and eliminations right away). If someone should have been eliminated, they would have been eliminated by now.

Can I check who picked what teams?
Yes... that is a vital part of the addon.

Click on the WEEK (in this shot, I am viewing Week 5). The Active Players list will list all players that were active in Week 5, what team they picked and the result.

Do you mean the cron job hasn't run? That was due to run at 3.30pm UK time. It has passed and its still not eliminated him.

As you can see the pick on the right hand side is red so like you said he should of been eliminated.


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The elimination CRON runs once ever 30 minutes. You can manually process any CRON. Try manually running the CRON.

As you can see the pick on the right hand side is red so like you said he should of been eliminated.
HUH? The only RED I see is in the PICK DISTRIBUTION block. That picture doesn't show what teams that each player picked.

Post a screen shot using the Default XenForo style.

Can you post me a screen shot of the WEEKS index. I want to make sure that you are setting the start and lock dates appropriately, because if you start the next week 1 second after the LOCK DATE of the previous week, you are going to royally screw things up. The Start date of the next week should be at least 24 hours after the LOCK date of the previous week (this is to give the system time to do its processing for the current week).

I asked you to post the WEEK INDEX, not the EDIT form of one of the weeks. The entire point for me asking you to post the INDEX is so that I can see the START and LOCK dates for ALL WEEKS (so that I can make sure that you are setting the START DATE for the NEXT WEEK at least 24 hours past the LOCK DATE of the PREVIOUS week).

If the SYSTEM is already in WEEK 4, its not going to process anything that happened in WEEK 3. What you will need to do is edit week 4 and set the START date for week 4 to tomorrow. That will make WEEK 3 the CURRENT WEEK (as Week 4 hasn't started yet). Then manually process the CRONs for pickem. Once you do that, go back and edit week 4 and set the Start date to yesterday.

Also, you clearly have something messed up as the PICKS themselves as not displaying. Before we go any further, you need to explain ALL of the template/CSS modifications that you've made as some of the most important stuff is not displaying.

All sorted thank Bob. Like you said I had week 4 starting earlier so adjusted that time and ran the cron job and he was eliminated.

I hadn't changed any of the templates just not filled in the short abbreviation of the teams and they are now showing up in previous picks.

Thanks for the support.
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