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Styling: How do I change the template for Sportsbook?


Premise: Each of my forums (football, basketball, softball/baseball, etc.) has its own individual template. So, if you are reading my football forum you'll see a rotating banner system with different players and coaches. Basketball has its own unique look at well—different style properties and different banners/logos.

When Sportsbook was loaded yesterday it automatically adopted the template used for the front page (XenPorta, thought that'll eventually get its own template,) the forum index, and my football forum.

I'd like for the Sportsbook to have a template in and of itself so I can snag some pictures at casinos of their sportsbook lounge, perhaps even the games of the week, and use these images in the same fashion as I do my forums.

I assumed I'd be able to create a template specifically for the Sportsbook and then—like when creating a page you can select the style you want—be able to create the betting parlors "unique environment."

I don't see that option readily available and I'm not familiar enough with how this is coded to know how to do this.

Am I up the proverbial creek without a paddle? Or, is this just a simple change within the templates?

Thanks for your anticipated patience, suggestions, and help.

Each Category can have its own STYLE. Edit the Category, click on the Category Specific Options, Click on Override user style choice and set it to the specific style you want users to see for this particular category.

OH! That's SWEET!! A little work, but well worth it!!

My apologies for not going far enough through the set up to actually see that, @Bob B . I did look at the categories last night on my phone but didn't notice that option.

One other quick question if I may.

Adjusting style properties for this widget is found...?


**I'm loving all the options you have with this...great add-on!!! You were right, "vBookie on 'roids."
You need to be more specific. Is that XENPORT Block, Forum Home sidebar or a widget created in the [bd] widget framework via a Sportsbook Renderer? They use different templates and CSS. There are no "Style Properties" for those. You'll either have to modify the CSS template OR override by adding CSS classes to Extra.CSS that override the specific elements of those classes.
The two tempaltes for that Block are:

You CAN edit the css template directly, however, it will get over written when you upgrade, so the best thing to do is use Extra.CSS (it is a template) to override specific elements.

So for example, if you wanted to change the font-size of the title, the entire Class looks like this in the .css template..

.sportsbookEvent .title
    margin-top: 0px;
    margin-left: 45px;
    font-size: 11px;
    display: block;

So what you'd need to do is add an entry to Extra.css like this..

#sbfhtabcontainer .sportsbookEvent .title
    font-size: 12px;