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Awaiting Feedback How do I control the "metadata?" in links, Bob? Check this out.

Embedded Links in Discussion Thread Posts are not dynamically and programmatically connected to a piece of content, so that when that piece of content is update, it magically updates posts, comments, reviews, profile posts, conversations (anything with a message field that uses the Core XF Editor) that might have a LINK to that piece of content.

Now if the post was using a custom BBCode, then that would render each time someone fetched the thread. Sportsbook does not have a custom bbcode for Events, Outcomes or Bets like other addons of mine have.

UNFURL is handled during the SAVE (Create and Edit) process of a given discussion thread post.

If you are talking about something else, please clarify :)
If you are talking about something else, please clarify
What's the Magic 8 ball say, "Chances are good?"

In my head I was thinking I could add content to the links like "Bama -7½ vs Texas" when I link an event in the 'book. IE: Like where it says, "We've got a lot of questions..."

Screenshot 2023-08-22 10.07.38 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-08-22 10.09.03 AM.png
Events have Custom Fields, however, Outcome do not. You can create as many custom fields for events as you want, and then modify display output.

You'd have to hire someone to extend the SPortsbook Outcome System to add more fields to the outcome table to store that data, then you'd have to modify the output to display that data.

Also, Metadata is for Search Engines, so not sure why you keep posting screen shots as Metadata is not displayed publicly.