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Answered How can I change the [Articles] Navigation Tab name text to something else?


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How to change the [Articles] name in navi bar ? [the title near forums,resources]
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just fyi... the answer is the same for any navigation element of the XF Navigation System.

The XenForo Navigation System stores Navigation Element Titles as Phrases in the XenForo Phrase System.

These phrases are standardized for ALL Navigation Links.

All Navigation Phrases are prefixed with nav.

To see a listing of all the Navigation Phrases for AMS (21 of them), to to the Phrase Administration in the Admin CP, filter the listing by ADDON (AMS) and type in nav. into the filter bar (as shown below).

Then simply edit the phrases that you want to change (in each language that you have).

nav.xa_ams is the Phrase for the main navigation tab for AMS.

Note: My screenshot is taken from my Development Instance which is in Developer mode. You won't see the "MASTER LANGUAGE" as that is for Developers only.