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Resolved Spread doesnt display


New Member
Hi. Today i have hard work to creating seasons,teams etc. I have a problem. I set spread a match but doesnt display spread value at user pick page. I set -4 spread to test team 1 @Bob Installed latest version of pickem



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Ugraded pickem 2.1.3 . Spread ( Handicaps ) show up only spread thype of games. 3 ways (1x2) doesnt show handicap values.



Its maybe already works like this in previous versions. Just wanted to report it if its a bug.
The Spread is only used in Spread Pools, so its behaving as it should. Displaying the spread in Standard Pools, Draw Pools or Survivor Pools, would just confuse people as they'd expect the spread to take effect when it won't.

I am not opposed to adding more Pool type (like Draw-Spread and Survivor-Spread) where spreads will come into play and effect the outcome. You'd need to start a Pickem Suggestion thread and it wouldn't be something I'd consider implementing until next offseason (May-Aug time frame).