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Sort Order Tabs - Choose which ones to enable

Discussion in 'Showcase Closed Suggestions' started by Bob, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    You can now choose which Sort Order Tabs you wish to enable on Showcase Home, Category Pages, Member Page, Tags Page and Field Search Page

    If you do something dumb like set the Top Rated sort order tab to Default and then chose not to enable the Top Rated sort order Tab, the controller will automatically enable and set to default sort order tab to Most Recent.

    As you can see, I've enabled the Most Popular, Most Liked and Alphabetical sort order Tabs, however, I've gone full retard and set the default to Most Reviewed.

    As you can see here, the 3 Sort Order Tabs that I enabled display, however, since I was dumb and set the default sort order to Most Reviewed, the Controller automatically enabled the Most Recent sort order tab and set it to default.

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