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Resolved Showcase Item Not Linked to Discussion Thread


New Member
For whatever reason, one of my user's Showcase items is no longer linked to its associated discussion thread. I found the thread through search, it was created, hasn't been deleted, but the link to discuss on the forums is no longer on the Showcase item itself. Is there any way to re-link the two?
Showcase has the ability to connect/disconnect from a discussion thread (the thread must be a discussion type 'discussion' (if the discussion type is set to anything else like a Thread Type (article, poll, resource, ams_article, etc etc etc), it can not be connected.

Go to the Showcase Item in question, click on the More options tool bar, click on "Change discussion thread" (This link will only be displayed if the viewing user has permission to change the discussion thread).


If there is no thread associated with the item, then the overlay will look like this. Simply cut and paste the URL to the discussion thread.


If the Showcase Item is currently associated with a discussion thread, then the dialog will look like this with 2 available actions (one to update/change and the other to disconnect.


Note: If the Showcase Item is saying that its connected, but the thread isn't showing that its connected, it could mean that the discussion thread has somehow lost its discussion type. What you can try is disconnect the thread from the item, then connect it again (which should fix a broken association).

Hope all that made sense?
Many thanks Bob!

I totally didn't notice that option in the drop-down menu and am now smacking myself for how obvious it should have been. I got no clue how my users unlinked their showcase but I went ahead and fixed it for them. Everything is in fine working order now.
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