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SC 3.0: Allow custom fields to be grouped in a tab


I would like the ability to group a bunch of custom fields in tab, like you can in SC 2.

in SC 3, you can only add a single field to tab.
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The locations "Section 1, Section 2, etc..." in SC 3.x is the same as locations "Tab 1, Tab 2, etc..." in SC 2.x

SC 2.x
SC 3.x

SC 3.0 no longer uses a combination of a tab container (which was a specialized container for tabs 1-5) and Tabs (Custom Field Tabs, Reviews, Gallery, Discussion etc), so those simulated Tabs 1-5 content is now rendered as Sections (stacked on top of each other vs inside a specialized tab container).

In SC 2.x, you could NOT create a Custom Field with the location of "Own tab" and add custom fields to that (unless you knew how to use Self placement fields, and still, that was a lot of work to pull off).

The good news is that in another addon of mine, I've implemented some advanced custom fields functionality that does allow you to create custom fields and location them on Fields that have the location of "Own tab" (so that you can create a custom Tab and populate it with custom fields). I have plans of implementing that in Showcase at some point.
This is one of the features I miss most from SC 2
Since I use SC as a garage function, not being able to groups fields in a tab makes items such as Racing Timeslips very difficult and messy.
I would also love to see this feature return to Showcase. I run a roleplaying forum where Showcase is used for character profiles. Section tabs containers really helped organize all of the information. :)
Just chiming in my support here for this feature suggestion! Would be great :)