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Removing Showcase

Discussion in 'Showcase Support' started by gazhyde, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. gazhyde

    gazhyde New Member AMS Premium SC Premium UBS Premium

    Hi Bob,

    I'm finding that Showcase isn't really being used as much as I'd like on my site, so I'm looking to retire it and do something a little differently when AMS is released to showcase members cars. Frustratingly only 3 or so out of the 45 submitted ever get updated.

    What's the best way of going about removing it? Currently all showcases are linked to a thread, so I was thinking I could copy the info from the "General Information" tab and paste it in the 1st post of the associated thread.

    What will happen to the remaining information, attached images etc when I remove Showcase? Will they be left on the server or will they be removed?

    Any tips would be appreciated.

  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Uninstalling is the only way to properly remove the addon, however, when you uninstall, it deletes everything associated with it (data and attachments), so I'd really think twice before uninstalling it. You'll also have to manually remove files from your server (which is just a matter of removing 3 Showcase specific directories which I can let you know which specific ones)

    Attachments that are uploaded to showcase are OWNED by showcase, so when showcase is uninstalled, so are those attachments. The Database Tables that store Showcase information are deleted as well as fields in core XF tables. Integrated data such as LIKES, TAGS, Reports, NewsFeeds, Alerts etc are also deleted.

    IMO, its best to just inactivate the addon. I do have plans to convert Showcase Items into Discussion Threads (as well as Showcase to AMS importer and vice versa), so that might come in handy for you in the future.
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  3. gazhyde

    gazhyde New Member AMS Premium SC Premium UBS Premium

    That would certainly do what I need right now. Will need to do some work on redirecting some of the links generated.

    Thanks for now Bob, may swing back with more questions later once I've done some more thinking!
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