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Resolved Understanding The RSS Feed


Right it might just be me being really really blond here but here it is :p

The way I understand Showcase is that a member will create an item in a category of something special to them, such as "Classic Car Restoration". So as they progress with this they would post an update. So in fact this would be somewhat like a mini blog. Other members can then post comments on this as they progress.

Now with the RSS feed it seems that each feed item gets posted as a separate item in that category. So being the main item or container (more or less like creating an album in XF Gallery) without any real content in that item I cannot find anyway members could comment on them.

The way I would have thought RSS would work would be the same as the way it would for a member creating an item. So if I have a category in my showcase called "Classic Cars" and I would like to add the RSS feed to this it will just override the members submissions or items as we would have hundreds of new items posted by the feed.

If I have two different RSS feeds for this category say "Classic Restoration Tips" and Classic Motorcycles" there also would be no way of separating these and it would just become a huge mixed area of hundreds of different items created.
Showcase follows the same RSS design as Core XF and XFRM.

There is an OVERALL RSS, which is a listing of all ITEMS in Showcase (up to a specified cutoff date).

There are per CATEGORY RSS feeds, which is a listing of all items in that specific category (up to a specific cutoff date).

That is it, nothing more, nothing less. IIRC, the cutoff date is based on the Last Update date for the Item.

In comparison...

XF has an OVERALL RSS, which is a listing of all THREADs in XF (up to a specified cutoff date).

XF has per FORUM RSS feeds, which is a listing of all Threads in that specific Forum (up to a specific cutoff date).

XFMG is not a similar architecture to either Discussion Threads, Resources or Showcase Items, so it might work slightly differently than RSS for Core XF Forums/Threads, XFRM and Showcase (and others that are a similar architecture).

If you'd like something OTHER than how it currently works, you are more than welcome to post a suggestion :)