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Implemented rate vs rate&review

Discussion in 'Showcase Closed Suggestions' started by Bob, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    As per the title...

    The current rate system vs a Rate and Review system similar to how the resource manager does it (forces you to leave a review when rating).

    Which do you prefer and why? one, the other or a combo of both or what?

    This is just an informal thought gathering discussion. Nothing more, nothing less. I just want to gather ideas from people and what they would like/want/need....
  2. C.Birch

    C.Birch Member AMS Premium SC Premium UBS Premium

    Personally i like to be able to rate a item, without doing a full on review, but the best way would likely to have it as a admin setting?
  3. ibenick

    ibenick Member Showcase

    Agreed. I like to just be able to rate, but it certainly would be nice to have the option top review as well. I think it would depend a lot on the each instance of showcase and how it's being used on a given site, so being able to toggle it would be good.
  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    If I DO make a change, it will be ADDING functionality, not taking it away, so you will always be able to just "Rate" items. More functionality would be a combo of options and permissions.
    Mathis Neumann and ibenick like this.
  5. 3rd angle

    3rd angle Member Showcase

    How about showing their ratings only when they make a comment (do a review)... but not necessarily required to do a review?

    Ratings= Optional
    If rated= record the ratings given by the particular user
    If the same user happen to comment or review= show his ratings just above his comments (like in RM)
    Bob likes this.
  6. BamaStangGuy

    BamaStangGuy Member SC Premium UBS Premium Pickem

    I would like the ability to also review it as well.
    Bob likes this.
  7. oman

    oman Member AMS Premium Showcase

    I would vote for rate and review. :)
    Bob likes this.
  8. 3rd angle

    3rd angle Member Showcase

    Also if the user has not rated put 5 blank stars and put a small comment saying "the user has not rated yet" beside the blank stars in their comments.. these 5 blank stars should be Rate(able) so that users don't have to find the rating buttons on the right sidebar or anywhere else. This way they will be tempted to rate.

    #just a suggestion
    Bob likes this.
  9. DRE

    DRE Member Showcase Sportsbook

    I think making showcase ratings anonymous opens showcase items up for abuse.

    Votes that don't require comments as to why s0mething sucks or rocks, is useless.
    Bob likes this.
  10. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Just to clear this up now... the COMMENTS system is its OWN system and will never have anything to do with Ratings or Reviews. IF I add Review functionality to the current rating system, Reviews will be listed under its own tab (Just like the RM).
  11. ArnyVee

    ArnyVee New Member

    I would vote for a "Rate AND Review" option. But, there should be a way to have an option to do one OR the other. Some people would like to 'review' something and then go back at a later date and rate it after they've been able to use "it" (the product, the site, the information, etc) for awhile.
  12. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I know yer going to hate me, but Rate&Review will be a singular process... a Review consists of a Rating and text input which together forum a review. It will be a one time shot. DLM (Downloads Manager) which has multiple versions, will give people the ability to rate versions and then all versions will be used to formulate the overall.
  13. dihuta

    dihuta New Member Showcase

    +1 for Rate and Review system
    Bob likes this.
  14. andy.n

    andy.n New Member

    Yes, I support a Review and Rate system just like RM in your Showcase addon.
    dihuta likes this.
  15. dihuta

    dihuta New Member Showcase

    Not appear yet on 1.1.1
  16. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    nope, will try and work it into the next planned release. This release was an unplanned release with specific options that were paid for by another member.
    dihuta likes this.
  17. dihuta

    dihuta New Member Showcase

    So 1.2
    Don't too long like xx 1.2 :D
    Bob likes this.
  18. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    hopefully 1.1.2 next week :D
    dihuta likes this.
  19. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Rate and Review functionality is now fully implemented. I made the decision to make Rate &Review a Per Category setting instead of global so that you can have certain categories as just Rate (like it currently is) and some that have Rate & Review.

    Items in Categories with Rate & Review will have a new TAB named "Reviews". This tab is NOT part of the content container, it is its own "page" (for specific reasons that I won't get into). It is Similar to how the RM does it (click on the stars, overlay pops up, you fill in the review which is 4 fields and submit). The review Tab is paginated and you can "like" reviews, report them and edit/delete them (if you have permission).

    More on this later.... just a quick heads up that this is coming soon (either in 1.1.2 or 1.2.0)
    3rd angle and andy.n like this.
  20. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    and yes, I will provide you with an SQL query that you can quickly set all 1000 of your categories to Rate and Review without having to edit each one lol (Yes, someone already asked me this).
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