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Question on which package?


New Member
AMS Premium
I sent an email a few days ago now and haven't had a response and not sure if it has been received or not.
What I was wanting to ask was which AMS package would suit me best. I see there is Premium support offered, and I wondered whether that would include support to migrate some posts from Wordpress to AMS.
Thank you.
Sorry, I've not received any emails asking about AMS. It could very well have gone into SPAM tho (and I rarely check spam folders).

As for support levels.

Basic Support (which comes with Basic license) is handled exclusively here on the Main Support site via public forums in the form of answering questions. Questions are answered during normal work hours.

Premium Support (which comes with Premium license) allows Private Support (both here and from inbox at XenForo.com). It also covers after hours response (while I am awake that is lol).

Advanced Support (which comes with Early Adopter license) gives you access to my private development site where I respond with more advanced help (like small template customization's for example). It also includes phone support (english only), weekend support and holiday support.

All support levels cover work that I would have to perform on your server/database to fix an issue with a specific addon of mine (it doesn't cover fixing problems with xenforo or other addons).

Basically, its the same level of support you are getting from XenForo for your XenForo license.

Support does not cover Custom Development. Things like importing content from another platform would require a custom importer to be developed. I do know a few license holders that have had custom importers developed to import WordPress content into AMS. I will contact them and ask them if they'd be open to sharing.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask (you can also inbox me if you would prefer to ask questions in private)

Thanks for the response Bob, appreciate it. Good to know what the various support levels offer.

If you wouldn't mind contacting those license holders and seeing if they would be open to it, that would be great. If you'd rather not share their responses on this thread, feel free to email me through the email address in my profile.
Hi Bob, how do I go about logging a support ticket with you? I've installed AMS but nothing is appearing on my test site like it isn't enabled or something, but I can't work it out.
If you have questions, you post them here: AMS Support

You can also inbox me since you have Premium Support.

There is A LOT of post install configuration/setup to be performed, them minimum being setting User Group permissions (because if you don't set the View AMS permission, you won't see anything on the frontend).
I don't think I've moved them from my private development site to here, but I just sent you a convo with some info to get you going :)