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Question about pickem


New Member
So I got motivated and created the entire NFL regular season schedule for my league, 17 weeks. Week 1 opened as I have it set to do so... However I noticed when I go to the bottom of the manage my picks for week 1 it shows week 2-17 as options to go and edit the picks....

Is there a way to make it so only week 1 or whichever week is active to show .... I guess I don't really want members to jump ahead and start doing their picks for week 5 when we are on week 1 of the season.
Is there a way to make it so only week 1 or whichever week is active to show
Not without customization (php code that would prevent the pages from being rendered). You could probably mask things via template edits (if you know what you are doing), but that wouldn't stop directly accessing the weeks via URL Params. Its not something I'd recommend doing, nor is it something I'd explain how to do. If anyone else wants to provide customization solutions, I have no problem with that, I actually encourage it)

The way it is now, is standard in all online pickem's (NFL.com, ESPN.com, Yahoo Sports, CBS Pickem, FOX pickem etc). A lot of people like to set their picks ahead of time and then adjust them prior to the week happening. This ensures that they will never miss a week. Life gets busy sometimes, don't penalize people for things like going on vacation and wanting to set picks a few weeks ahead in case of not being able to get online to set them.

Just out of curiosity, why don't you want players setting their picks early?
Nice reply Bob.

I guess I don't really have a reason for not wanting people to make their picks early. Thinking back on my question now.... It actually makes sense the way you have it. People get busy and setting their picks early - with chance to come back and edit them later so they don't miss makes sense.

I love the add on.
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If your members end up loving pickem, you might want to check out Survivor for next season ;) Its just as much (or more) fun than Pickem is. The strategy is much more fun IMO.
Its a spin off of Pickem. Instead of picking the winner of all games for a given week, you pick 1 team that you think will win their game. If you get it correct, you move on to the next week, if not, you get a STRIKE and depending on the Pool settings, you might be eliminated (if single elimination pool). If its a double or triple elimination pool, you move on to the next week. Once you pick a team, that team can no longer be picked again. The last man standing, WINS (and in rare cases where multiple people make it all 17 weeks, mulitple winners).