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Publishing a draft item


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I'm sure I am crazy, but for some reason I can't readily see the option to publish a draft item. When editing a draft item I see the option to update, but not change the status.
When editing a draft item I see the option to update, but not change the status.
This doesn't make sense. The option to "UPDATE" is only available to Items that have been published. I really need to have access to SEE this for myself, cause this is not expected behavior and it COULD be a bug, so letting me troubleshoot it would help everyone if it IS a bug.

Just to make sure, you are POSITIVE that the Item is in a DRAFT state? eg, the Item shows up in the Draft Items Block on the "Your Items" page (as you can see, the Item "Test Test Test" is a DRAFT and its only accessible via the Draft Items block.


When viewing the DRAFT, does it display all the "Draft State" indicators as show in this screen shot? If not, then its NOT a draft.


When you EDIT the item, you don't see the STATUS changer at the very top? A Draft Item will only have the Status Changer and there will only be 2 options (Draft and Publish). If the Item has been published and you have certain Moderator Permissions, there will be a Status dropdown at the top, but it will only have the options to make it Moderated or Visible.


Maybe its not a DRAFT Item and is Moderated instead? I'd need to SEE it to know.
Can you inbox me Admin CP login credentials so I can check a few things out in the AM? I probably won't be able to check until tomorrow morning (spending some time with family right now before heading to bed). Definitely can get you fixed up tho :)