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Pool Type: Tips


Staff member
X point for guessing the correct result (ie, home win / away win / draw)
Y points for guessing the correct scoreline.
X = 1pt, Y = 3pt

For example, A vs B.
I guess 3 v 1
Actual result 2 v 0
I get one point for guessing correct result.
If actual result had been 3-1, then I would get 4 points.
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0 pts = completely wrong
1 pt = correct winner but wrong scoreline
2 pt = correct winner and goal difference
3 pt = correct winner and exact scoreline
I think the OP (I posted the suggestion for him since he asked my in private) wants all those values to be configurable. He also mentioned points for getting away team score correct as well. Probably best to just make it fully configurable and set the defaults to that standard right?
Yeah for sure, I was posting what I was familiar with (there is an xF addon that uses that point system)
I don't know much at anything about this system, so when it comes time to develop it, I will be asking a ton of questions lol
I don't know much at anything about this system, so when it comes time to develop it, I will be asking a ton of questions lol

Any return on this? I'm interested to have this kind of extra part. :)
Whats about this suggestion for XF2 version? It's mostly better for soccer picks.
Its something that I'd eventually like to develop, however, its probably going to be awhile before I start thinking about adding another Pool Type to Pickem.
the members who guess the match result correctly earn points.

* weekly matches are entered into the system
* members predict score.
* Knowing the score correctly wins points

Real Madrid 4 - 4 Barcelona. only points that correctly guess the outcome of the match wins
For my soccer based forum I was wondering if there are plans to add a score prediction feature?

There's a UK competition called Super 6 where you predict the scores in 6 matches.

If you get the result correct you get 2 points but if you predict the correct score you score 5

I appreciate it doesn't rally suit US sports but just thought I'd ask.
I don't have anything like that in the works. If it is something you need soon, maybe you could pursue custom development (if you can find a developed that is capable of extending an existing addon that is).