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Pool Type Draw: Bonus Points - Pick the Score


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It would be nice if we can allocate any game we want to be a Bonus game of sorts..where besides just picking the winner, they have to pick the score. Closest to the score gets awarded bonus points.

I believe @Dannymh might also be interested in this functionality.
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I have added a bonus game to the comp already. The way it operates in the edit I made is that you select the bonus game for each round and you can have multiple bonus games. In that game you pick the score, which gives you margin.

Your margin determines your ranking for the round on top of your points.

So if you pick a score of
10 - 0
and the score is
0 - 10

Your margin is 20 (actual margin = 10 + the margin you picked = 10 = 20)

if the score is
10 - 0 your margin is 0

New here ;) sorry to bump an old thread.

Is it possible to use this so that users can pick/ predict score of all games?

And be given points for win/lose/draw depending on what they predict?

Or is just pick the team they think will win/lose or draw kindo thing.

This is for scottish football.

I use at present joomla master league.


Our season is over so there are no games to predict in.

Thank you.

Or is just pick the team they think will win/lose or draw kindo thing.
Yes, right now, Standard and Draw Pickem is just picking the teams that you think will win the match. This suggestion is to enhance Standard and Draw Pickem to be able to do what @tajhay and @Dannymh are referring to.

Survivor is where you pick 1 team that you think will win that week (and you can only pick a team once for the entire season). If you get it correct, you move on to the next week. If you get it wrong, you get a Strike. If the pool is single elimination, you are eliminated, if its double and its your 2nd strike, you are eliminated, if its triple and its your 3rd strike, you are eliminated. You plan until there is only 1 person left or the end of the season (which ever comes first).
Thank you @Bob

It would be good if the correct score could be picked but understand this is prob more for usa football where there will be a bigger score than uk soccer.

Where the score is low.

Ie 1-0, 2-0, 1-1 2-1 etc.

But I think I may give this a bash.

Survivor sounds fun.

Is survivor independent from pickem?

Is survivor independent from pickem?
No, its a type of POOL in Pickem. There are Standard Pools (pick either the home team or visitor team), Draw Pools (pick either the home team, visitor team or a draw), Spread Pools (pick either the home team or visitor team, however, the spread comes into play in which determines the winner) or Survivor Pools (which you pick one team per week).

You create a SEASON (like 2019 NFL Season). Add all the weeks. Add all of the games to those weeks. THEN you can create as many Pools as you want for that season. I run at least 1 standard pool, 1 spread pool and 1 survivor pool (and sometimes more). You can run as many pools for a season as you want to. I know sites that create a season and run dozens of pools. When you create the pool, you can set which user groups are able to join the pool, so you might have a pool for Staff Members only (if you have a large site with a lot of staff), or Pools for Premium Members only etc. Its rather flexible :) Its a bit of work tho on the Admin Side as its all manual, but once you figure out the flow and that you don't have to set up an entire season at once, you'll find that its not really that much work.
Tremendous, thank you :) I am sure I will have more Qs but will post in relevant forum :)
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