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Implemented Permission: Lock / Unlock Comments in own Showcase Item


Staff member
We're thinking about enabling commenting on Showcase, however some members are angry about it. They're afraid of negative feedback and want control over whether people can comment or not. It could be an option on their user preferences to allow/disable commenting on their Showcase items, or it could be a per-item 'allow comments on this item' ticky box.

I've added a NEW Permission that allows you to let Showcase Item Owners Lock and Unlock comments on their Items.


When this permission is set, the Showcase Item OWNER will see a "Lock Comments" link in the Item Tools drop down. Clicking it will LOCK the comments section (won't HIDE it). The Showcase Item OWN can still POST comments while locked (and so can anyone that has the Moderator Permissions to Lock / Unlock Comments).


When the Comments section is LOCKED, there will be an "Unlock Comments" link in the Item Tools dropdown. Clicking on this link will Unlock the comments section for the Item.

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