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Implemented Override the global default category sort options on a per category basis


Staff member
As per title, the ability to override the default category sort options on a per category basis.

Category >> Category Page Options >> Category Sort Options: Override default category sort options

The override controls both the Sort Types and the Default Sort Order (when you over ride, you have to set both as the global settings are ignored).

In this scenario, I am overriding the global settings and only the 3 sort types I checked will be used for the Sort Tabs or Sort Dropdown for this category. I purposely set the default sort type to one of the sort types that isn't set


As you can see, the 3 sort types that are set for this category display in the Sort Items dropdown. Even tho I set the default order to be "Most Popular", that isn't one of the selected Sort Types, so the system automatically forces the default to "Most Recent" and will add the Most Recent Sort Type to the array if its not included). This ensures that there will always be at least 1 sort type even if you uncheck them all.


Here is a shot with Tabbed Sorting enabled.

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