showcase 2.6.5

  1. Bob

    Implemented Override the global default category sort options on a per category basis

    As per title, the ability to override the default category sort options on a per category basis. Category >> Category Page Options >> Category Sort Options: Override default category sort options The override controls both the Sort Types and the Default Sort Order (when you over ride, you have...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Category Edit form TABS changes

    As per title, the TABS on the Category Edit have changed slightly. I've replaced the Modular Layout Options tab with 2 separate tabs (Modular Layout Options - SC Home Page and Modular Layout Options - Category Page). I've also moved them to the end of the tabs list as they are Advanced...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Modular Layout Options - Sort Order: Alphabetical (A to Z)

    As per title, for the Modular Layout Options (Both Home and Category) add to the Sort Order dropdown, "Alphabetical (A to Z)" sort order option.
  4. Bob

    Implemented Layout Type: Tile View

    Tile View is a new layout type based off of Maxim Magazine. Its designed to focus on the IMAGE and includes style property options to do things like hide the text until mousing over the image, hide the category, hide the author/date. Its a "Grid" based layout and has its own responsive grid...