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Implemented Next and Previous articles in series links displayed below article


Staff member
With XF 2.2 taking longer than anticipated, I am going to move some of the features I've implemented for AMS 2.2 into AMS 2.1.x (starting with AMS 2.1.13).

As per title, display navigation links for the Next article in the series and Previous article in the series, for articles that are associated with a series.

As you can see in the image below, an article that is part of a series will now display navigation links to the Next article in the series and the Previous article in the series.


These are designed so that they do NOT interfere with (or be confused with) the Multi Page Article Navigation. As you can see below, the two navigation elements are clearly different from one another and are designed differently enough that neither interferes with the other.

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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
O dont have this.
BTW: I have seen that there are pages now.
Very nice.
Can i move Articles to pages?

Now i have a series, but i want to see it as pages.
O dont have this.
AMS 2.1.13 has not been released yet (sometime next week).

I have explained this to you multiple times now. Every single Implemented Suggestion thread and every single resolved bug report is TAGGED with the Addon version that it applies to (in this case, this suggestion was implemented in AMS 2.1.13.

Note: Clicking in that tag will show you the 30+ implemented suggestions in the upcoming version (most of which are for Series and Multi Page Articles (Article pages).

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