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Implemented New Items set to Moderated


Staff member
This is something that Russ brought up and I just wanted to add it here so that I can track it.

Right now, all newly created items are "visible" and don't need "approval".

Basically what I will be doing is adding a new user group permission (Moderate New Items) which means that when this is set, anyone in that particular user group will have all NEW items that they create go directly into the moderation queue for approval.
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This is now fully implemented.

A new User Group Permission 'Create Item Moderated' has been added to the Showcase User Permissions. When this permission is set to allow for a User Group or User, when they create a new item, it will go directly into the Moderation Queue.

NOTE: If you have both of these permissions ('Create Item' and 'Create Item Moderated') set to "allow", the 'Create Item Moderated' permission takes precedence which means newly created items will be placed into the Moderation Queue.